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"I'm not in. Leave a message."

[The popular alternative to email or carrier pigeons - contact Amber or her Mun by leaving a message here]
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Amber was trapped. After her death, despite having peace and knowing her time would come, she didn't manage to make the journey into the light as well as she probably should have. All those minor irksome details were best kept to herself, though. The people left in the land of the living weren't supposed to know the details anyway. But she was trapped, that's all that matter, and so far she had mostly contained herself to Princeton, the familiarity. Princeton was why she was stuck, she had something unfinished there to contend to, she just hadn't discovered what it was. Until she found it, she was happy to stick around for the fun. She could bare witness to life at Princeton Plainsboro without her. She saw for herself that Wilson was okay without her... eventually. She heard him talking to her, but he was one person she would had resolved not to reveal herself to. She knew she had to be selective with that, even if there was slight satisfaction of doing so to House. At least, before his brain started going mental and he began hallucinating her as some evil incarnation that tried to aid him in killing Chase.

No, no, no. That wasn't why she was stuck. Her trap between life and death wasn't anything evil, the complete opposite in fact. She wasn't there to cause harm, which was probably why Dean Winchester hadn't been alerted to her presence as she continued to "talk" to him online. Ghosts didn't exactly have the luxury of fingers to type, but that didn't mean they couldn't manipulate technology to make it seem like she was. She also had the benefit of being able to be anywhere she wanted at any given time. She watched him momentarily, leaning into the laptop screen with an eager look on his face and then reach for a beer beside him. The hotel room was dimly lit and although she was aware there was a brother in the mix, he wasn't there at that point.

With a smirk, she watched him type in the line about his bottom half and then promptly appeared sitting on the table beside the laptop, her foot up on the chair between his legs as she leaned down into his face, her hair seeming to fall over his arm, yet he wouldn't feel it. "My, my... what a big weapon you have," she said coyly.